postheadericon Bereavement: Living Intentionally

Many grieving people ask how can they go on without the person they love? There are many answers to this question, as many as there people who ask. But there is none part of the answer that is universal: To Live Intentionally. 

So often we allow life to dictate to us how we live and what we do. We become a victim of our own circumstances with no purpose, design, or intent. Living a life of intent means we take charge of our lives, whenever we can, and direct ourselves to whom and where we want to be. Intent won't just happen; it take effort and commitment. 


  • Determine what you want from your life here and now. It can be as specific as a move to a financially manageable apartment, or just to be happy again. 
  • Set very clear, realistic goals for yourself. What can you afford to buy/rent or what makes you feel good about yourself? As an example: I would love to have my own private and peaceful swimming pool because I love to swim and it rejuvenates me. I can't afford to own a pool. Instead I go to the YMCA very early in the morning whenever I can and have my rejuvenating swim. Bonus: I don't have to clean the pool. 
  • Divide goals into categories to avoid getting overwhelmed. 
  • final goal: to drop all the weights that you have been carrying, plan for the future and live for today. 
Liz Aspinwall, LISW
Bereavement Counselor