postheadericon Hospice Board, July 2012

As I have been introduced to Hardin County Hospice, I have heard many stories. Stories about mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers. Stories told by families remembering their love ones. No stories are better told than those by about the Hardin County Hospice nurses and volunteers. 

I assume that most people think of the patient's families when they think of hospice. The sorrow and pain of losing a loved one is great. Do you ever think about the nurses or volunteers? Although a tragic statistic, they lose virtually every patient they care for. It's not for their lack of skill or determination... it's just part of the process in the hospice world. But the stores they share are amazing. Not stores of sadness or failure, but ones of hope and understanding. Stores about the wonderful families they now consider part of their own families. The relationships they develop are lasting. The services they provide are second to none. Ask a patient's family member about Hardin County Hospice nurse or volunteer. I'm sure they will have a great story to share too.

 The Hardin County Hospice staff and volunteer may not be angels...but they are the next best thing!