postheadericon Bereavement: Winter Blahs

Teenagers are a special group of people. You remember how it was, one foot in the adult world and one foot still in childhood. Remember lots of drama one minute and perceived callousness the next. 


Peer groups are most significant and play a major role in a teens' grief process. The job of the adult is to be present for the  teenager, be aware of their feelings and ready to jump in when they need you. Make sure they have all the factual information about death. Spend quality time with them one on one by doing a physical activity, you will have better communication just walking rather than sitting. Ask them to share a memory about the person who died. Make sure they participate in the mourning process as much as they wan. Above all else, listen to what they say; about their feelings, spiritual beliefs, and their fears for the future. 

Liz Aspinwall, LISW, Bereavement Counselor